Tournament Info and Rules

All matches are 11-a-side and will be played on full-sized field (105 x 68 m) on artificial turf, outdoors. Ball size 5. Playing time 2 x 25 min.

The tournament is played under all applicable FIFA or Finnish Football Association rules

All participating teams are guaranteed to have 5 games.

The tournament will be played in series form. Every team will face each other once.

In the case of even points in the end of the series, the standings will be solved as follows. 1. Points from mutual games, 2. Goal difference in series, 3. Goals scored in series, 4. Toss.

There is no limit to the number of players in each team. The number of substitutions per game is not limited. 

The teams should be ready on the pitch side at least 10 minutes before the kick off of their game.

Players eligible to play are G14 – Girls born 1.1.2003 and later.

Players must be Team members or have a re-presentation rights for the team.

All players must be able to show proof of age and identity.

The Jury of the Cup will be appointed before the first game of the Cup. There will be three (3) members in jury (one (1) from the organizing team and two (2) from the visiting teams). The Jury will treat all possible protests made by the participing teams. The fee for rejected protest is 150,00 EUR.

All players must be insured, both for games and leisure time. The Tournament organizer cannot be held resposible of any injury or illness of the team member.


There'll be three referees in every match.

Prizes For teams reaching the finals, each player among top 3 teams will receive a medal, and the winning team will receive a Cup Trophy. Cup sponsor will award the best player of the Cup.